the comprehensive class

Prosthodontics: A Global Affair

Saturday 26th of may

Time: 09:00 till 12:00 hr

location: DeLaMar Theater

A half-day comprehensive class will be given in a small-scale, intimate atmosphere by Washington University restorative professor Ariel Raigrodski. He will give us an in-depth overview of current possibilities and limitations of ceramics in fixed prosthodontics:

The Evolving Impact of All-Ceramics and CAD/CAM Technology on the Contemporary Dental Practice

The purpose of this presentation is to provide evidence-based knowledge addressing the properties of ceramic materials (mainly zirconia and lithium-disilicate) in terms of esthetics and physical properties. It will highlight how the advent of CAD/CAM technology supports the design and fabrication of these restorations in the dental laboratory, with emphasis on zirconia-based restorations. It will also focus on concepts of restoration design (bilayered, monolithic, and hybrid designs) for all-ceramic restorations and how appropriate restorations’ design may alleviate prospective clinical complications. In addition, this presentation will describe the newer more translucent zirconia systems and their evolving role in the restorative practice.  Finally, it will address the unique properties of zirconia in implant dentistry, emphasizing its use for custom implant abutments for cement-retained implant-supported restorations and for screw-retained implant-supported restorations. All of these will be demonstrated while presenting complex comprehensive patient care.